Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 2 The robbery

One day well 5 year old Lilac was sitting by the TV watching her favorite movie she heard some thing .
She thought it might be her lost cat Rose she ran up the stair's and through the hall and into her room as fast as she could.
When she finally got there her cat was gone .She looked every were for her and she was not there.
After searching every were she gave up.
She was tired of watching TV so she decided to play with her doll . To her surprise it was no where to be seen.
She looked around the room and she saw that a lot of things were missing.
She called to her grandpa but he was not there.
Scared she ran to her bed and started to cry and cried her self to sleep.

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  1. Yikes! This story has taken a scary twist. I'm looking forward to what's next. You are a great story teller.